QUERY with Rex

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QUERY with Rex

NewTek‘s Rex Olson, VP eCommerce Business Development,  sat down with with the Bannister team after NAB to discuss Chameleon and how it fit in with the NDICentral Live show at the recent National Association of Broadcasters‘ show.

How many years were you involved with NewTek with NAB?

Though now I’m primarily involved in promoting NDI products on our web store, I’ve been involved with NewTek’s NAB exhibit presentations for over 15 years. Producing, writing and presenting.

How important is it for you to foster relationships with other businesses to promote NewTek products?  Specifically with NDI?

Since NDI Technology is available license free, and now with hundreds of products offering NDI compatibility, we find it very valuable to build relationships with developer companies to help promote the use of NDI. We feel that NDI is the next logical step in live video over IP technology. The more that users are aware of these products the sooner they will be able to enjoy the simplicity and benefits of NDI.

How was NDI received this year at NewTek and at NDI Central?

NDI Technology was received extremely well this year at NAB. Along with the companies participating in NDI Central, there were over 40 companies sharing their NDI  sources through the internal network in the convention center. We of course had “NDI Central Live” webcast where we had 40 or so segments talking about new NDI developments and products. There was the Broadcast Minds event that was also webcast live. NewTek and NDI was everywhere at NAB 2017.


Rex Olson Interviewing Bannister Lake’s Alain Savoie during NAB 2017

What were some of the criteria you were looking for when it came to choosing Bannister Lake’s Chameleon for NDI Central Live this year? How was the working relationship with Bannister Lake in the lead up to the show?

We liked the idea of including an additional level of information by using the Chameleon ticker graphics system. It added an additional level of information and production value to the program,

During the show?

We all appreciated how the Bannister Lake crew helped us make updates and adjustments on site. All were very responsive to make sure everything went smoothly.


We had a very good follow up meeting and look forward to working with Bannister Lake in the future.

A Look into the Future..

What can we expect to see from NewTek at IBC?

NewTek will continue to develop innovative technology that allows more people to share their stories, experiences and ideas with the world and enjoy doing it.



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