Chameleon: Ticker/Branding for Broadcast Beat’s NAB Show Daily Broadcasts

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Chameleon: Ticker/Branding for Broadcast Beat’s NAB Show Daily Broadcasts

March 07, 2017 – Broadcast Beat, the official broadcaster for the  NAB Show, will feature Bannister Lake’s Chameleon in the daily broadcasts at NAB. The broadcast will feature the use of NDI, Newtek’s video over IP technology.

Chameleon Creates Synergy

Chameleon used in daily play out for NAB's Broadcast Beat Show

Chameleon bridges data with graphics in an NDI supported system

Partnering with Broadcast Beat to enhance their live show is a prime example of how we work!” – Georg Hentsch, President Bannister Lake

The Canadian company will produce a sleek, customized output/overlay to promote events, headlines and social media for such organizations as SMPTE, IEEE and other NAB affiliations. The possibilities are endless for Chameleon’s applications. Using it in a hyper-local setting with specific data demands and sponsorship demonstrates the strengths of Chameleon.

Broadcast Beat’s Vision

Broadcast Beat, partners with Bannister Lake for NAB Show

The official broadcaster of NAB Show

Broadcast Beat has been at the helm of the show for several years and is lead by Ryan Salazar, a producer who envisions the software package the way it was meant to be – a bridge between local data and a creative content display.

“For example, SMPTE has a two day conference during NAB so  members and staff  will have the ability to  input updates and  events during the show. It makes it easier for them to coordinate meetings at specific locations at NAB plus share thoughts with other members. “ – Ryan Salazar, Exec. Producer NAB Show LIVE

Organizations and NAB affiliates have direct access to the data on the ticker, writing updates and scheduling events directly into Chameleon’s cloud interface. NAB consumers get to participate fully in the NAB experience through targeted and hyper-local messaging.

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