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Karma Chameleon


Chameleon UI

In preparation for NAB (we’ll be at 3 locations by the way), and our coming out party for Chameleon, a new Chameleon User Interface is in store. Super Ticker, Brando and Community have all been changed to support the new Chameleon Look.   The start of a convenient, consistent user experience across all our platforms.    As Chameleon begins its roll out, the experience will become more seamless over time, providing a good Karma.



Alert1 Alert2 Alert3 Alert4


The US National Weather Service reader has recently gotten a big update due to one of our customers.   Not only do you get the generic feed, but you can customize what, when and how you see this feed.   You can create a custom report, using the incoming Data items, as well as set priorities, conditions and restrict types.  You can also customize the counties or regions for these alerts and associate them with an Alert group.   All with the intention of automating Alert services.


INRIX Traffic Reader and Geography Tool

Not only does Chameleon support the INRIX traffic feed, but with our Bannister Lake INRIX Geography tool, a user can create a KML file using Google Earth or GMAPGIS.   Our BL INRIX Geography Tool will import the KML file and create a GEOID file that works with INRIX data.  With this tool, you can create extremely accurate regions for your traffic data.


Shuffle/Limit Stories


Another requested feature was limiting the amount of stories displayed during a scheduled rundown.  For example, maybe you’re pulling 20-30 stories from a news feed, but only want to see 10 at a time.  A new feature allows you to limit how many items you see at that particular moment.   In addition to this, you can shuffle those items, allowing for a more dynamic distribution.

Comparison Chart


Chameleon’s goal is to be a friendly easy to use platform for small individual productions, to large multi-channel networks.  That’s why we try to provide flexible options for every type of use.  To compare our pricing and options of Chameleon, check out our comparison chart at the bottom of our Chameleon page.

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