Chameleon: How We Got Here

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Chameleon: How We Got Here

Destination: Chameleon

How we got here. 

Chameleon Family

Our two masterworks, Brando and Super Ticker, came about independently with different requirements and lead developers/designers. In common, we had a web-based interface based on our Flow framework and everything was database-centric. However, they were two unique products with their own focus, database schema and flow interface.

Destination Chameleon

Over time, there has been pressure from our customers to add ticker enhancements to Brando and branding enhancements to Super Ticker. We tried to avoid hacks along the way while doing our best to give each product as much flexibility as possible. We also moved in a direction where both products worked well together. Even on the graphics side, both Brando and Super Ticker could co-exist on the same CG and users could log onto both flows simultaneously even with the same credentials using LDAP or Google.

Our Chameleon effort was initially a way to build an html5 renderer for web-based, signage and inexpensive broadcast solutions. It morphed into an SDK giving us potential support for any CG to be plugged into the architecture with limited effort. That proved to be successful as we expanded support from html5 rendering to supporting Ross Video’s XPression, NewTek’s NDI and soon to be released, SDI support initially using the AJA SDK. And we’re hoping other CG vendors will come a calling.


Due to limited internal resources, Chameleon’s initial push was on the ticker side and in fact, the current flow/database is still Super Ticker. That’s going to change soon. We’re spawning a new flow/database schema which is tuned for Chameleon. And of course, that means it gets the branding treatment. So basically, this is our move in turning two products into one.

The more we looked at having everything under one roof, the possibilities kept growing. We could now have branding features using standard ticker data and vice versa.

For example, a ticker zone could show programming information right in the rundown. It could be showing weather, scores and what’s on next on the current channel or for all channels in the station group; all as part of a simple or complex rundown. On the branding side, a bug could show weather information for a city or a playlist of cities. Or a sponsored snipe that shows scores of all the major teams in your city. The possibilities are endless.

Although we’ve released Chameleon and it’s a great ticker product, the best is yet to come. Follow us as we make our big splash with Chameleon. It’ll be a game changer.

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