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Bannister Lake Offers Free Score Bugs with the Purchase of Any New Chameleon Package

NAB News: Bannister Lake Offers Free Score Bugs with the Purchase of Any New Chameleon Package

LAS VEGAS, NV 04-23 –  The Canadian software company recently released Chameleon at NAB and will make score bugs available on any new subscriptions for the new software, when doors open and they begin to meet NAB show attendees and Broadcast consumers this week.

The score bugs are available for all major sports.  The powerful new Chameleon platform is for sports promoters who are looking to create a new look that producers, engineers and technologists can quickly use across all their channels.

“We feel that score bugs can be a standard part of our Chameleon platform, without the need of additional purchase. By including score bugs, we are expanding our ticker and branding solutions for a wider audience. By including score bugs within Chameleon, we can share data across all of our platforms, meaning we can include score bug graphics into our tickers and branding,” says Georg Hentsch, president of Bannister Lake.


Visit the booths during  NAB Show 2017 during regular show hours. Doors open for the general public and those with the proper exhibitor passes Monday April 24 at 10am.


About Bannister Lake Inc.

Bannister Lake is a leading provider of professional video graphic display solutions for broadcast television, cable, satellite, audio/visual and information presentation applications worldwide. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure while automating the integration and display of external data sources, improving the productivity of your organization. Visit us online at

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Karma Chameleon


Chameleon UI

In preparation for NAB (we’ll be at 3 locations by the way), and our coming out party for Chameleon, a new Chameleon User Interface is in store. Super Ticker, Brando and Community have all been changed to support the new Chameleon Look.   The start of a convenient, consistent user experience across all our platforms.    As Chameleon begins its roll out, the experience will become more seamless over time, providing a good Karma.



Alert1 Alert2 Alert3 Alert4


The US National Weather Service reader has recently gotten a big update due to one of our customers.   Not only do you get the generic feed, but you can customize what, when and how you see this feed.   You can create a custom report, using the incoming Data items, as well as set priorities, conditions and restrict types.  You can also customize the counties or regions for these alerts and associate them with an Alert group.   All with the intention of automating Alert services.


INRIX Traffic Reader and Geography Tool

Not only does Chameleon support the INRIX traffic feed, but with our Bannister Lake INRIX Geography tool, a user can create a KML file using Google Earth or GMAPGIS.   Our BL INRIX Geography Tool will import the KML file and create a GEOID file that works with INRIX data.  With this tool, you can create extremely accurate regions for your traffic data.


Shuffle/Limit Stories


Another requested feature was limiting the amount of stories displayed during a scheduled rundown.  For example, maybe you’re pulling 20-30 stories from a news feed, but only want to see 10 at a time.  A new feature allows you to limit how many items you see at that particular moment.   In addition to this, you can shuffle those items, allowing for a more dynamic distribution.

Comparison Chart


Chameleon’s goal is to be a friendly easy to use platform for small individual productions, to large multi-channel networks.  That’s why we try to provide flexible options for every type of use.  To compare our pricing and options of Chameleon, check out our comparison chart at the bottom of our Chameleon page.

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Help!! I need somebody…

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Content Group Support

Most people aren’t familiar with our site.  But, did you know we have a pretty good wiki!?

It was recently revamped to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.  And our developers frequently update the site whenever there are new features added.

Producers have Content Controls and Broadcast Controls.  Designers have Scene Tags information for objects and animation tags.

If you can’t find something, let us know.  It may be because we’ve misplaced it, or it’s too hard to find and we’ll need to fix it.


Community and Content Groups


Content Group Support

We’ve recently added a much requested feature in Super Ticker and Community:  Content Group Admin.   Essentially this means as a system Admin you can assign an Admin to a content group, which in turn will allow for that admin to create a series of user accounts for that specific content group.   This is especially useful with Community.  Along with this new feature, we’ve modified security groups to restrict what users are allowed to see.

Content Groups have also been updated across the board in anticipation for the big Community update.  All modules will support content groups in the near future.



WDAY in Fresno is about to start their winter season and one of the requests they had was to have over 300 users for each of their School Districts.  Hence, when there’s a snow storm and the schools are closed, the School district administrator can log onto Community and update their School Districts’ status.

After a status update, our new Community Reader will automatically update your own instance of Super Ticker, therefore, ready for broadcast.

Finally, the new update isn’t only limited to Closings, but also Events, Stories and Scores.

Instructions on how to use this new Module is found here.


Query and Google

Google API

A couple weeks ago, Georg posted an article with new support for Google Login, Sheets (Scores and Closings) and Calendar.   Follow the links to view our wiki page offering step by step instructions on how to utilize these new features.


In addition to Google API, standard Query templates have been added when updating Super Ticker.  I’ve also added some Query samples on our wiki for you to use and test.   Query is also supported in our Blade Module.


Brando BXF support


A (Protrack by Myers Info Systems) reader was recently requested.  BXF is the supported format.  Brando already read many other traffic file formats, but BXF is one of the industry leading formats.  With this new reader, Brando finally covers almost 90% of all types of traffic data, making it compatible with virtually any broadcast master control traffic systems.


For more information fill out a Request A Quote or contact

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Intro to the blog world

This blog is dedicated to our loyal customers who have used or are thinking of using any of our Bannister Lake products.
Every couple of weeks or so, we will provide tips and tricks, as well as updates and road-maps of our products.  It might be more frequent than that especially if we have something we’re excited to share with you.

So lets start.

Super Ticker


Our month of September has been busy.  Our developers have added a few features this past month for Super Ticker.

We’ve added a community module to Super Ticker which will soon read content from our Community Instances.
CommunityCommunity 2
Yes, but Al, what does this mean???

It means with the upcoming winter season, you can assign accounts to school boards to populate school closures.  Or same with stores for the holiday season.  Community hockey teams can input the game’s results so that the data can be shared to media outlets or websites. It’s a great way to share important community data.
community-iconClick HERE for more information about Community.  is currently LIVE.
For your free account, please email

Google Sheets

GoogleSheetsScoreDo you want to manually insert score results from various leagues and games at once from a single shared location?  You can do so using Super Ticker, but it may become a hassle with all the clicking. An alternative is to use our new Google Sheets Score Reader.   This reader will link to any google sheet using our Scores Template and make it easy for production, or sports producers to enter results.

Google Sheets Blog
For more information, check out our wiki.

For more information on getting an update for Super Ticker, contact
Brando Channel Branding
A significant feature was added to Brando.  Some advanced BLADE features were added, which allows you to create a Query based on a channel in your database.  From there, an xml can be generated, allowing you to populate any CG system or Website with scheduling content.  The XML will dynamically update based on the time of day, so you will always be aware of what show is coming up next and on which channel.

BlogFor more information fill out a Request A Quote or contact


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