Reduce Your Broadcast Station TCO

Through Automation

Bannister Lake offers products and services for today's lean and efficient broadcaster. Generate revenue from your ticker with our automated content playout system Super Ticker. Engage your internet savvy audience with our Twitter moderation and broadcast solution TweetOut. Take the guesswork out of your branding and automate it with Brando. Broadcast sports scores driven by your score board with our wide array of Score Bugs or if you need help putting it all together, engage our custom solutions and integration services.

Automated channel branding
for headache free broadcast evenings.

Let the close calls happen on the field,
your Score Bug should be the sure thing.

If you could run a 24 hour news channel on your own
they'd call you Super too.

Portable Character Generators
Brando Channel Branding
Super Ticker Full News Room Automated Ticker
Tennis Score Bug
Soccer Score Bug
Football Score Bug
Lacrosse Score Bug
Brando Channel Branding
Lacrosse Score Bug